TOXIC EFFECTS REDUCED – Structuring water changes its properties to allow water to separate electrical charges. Toxic elements possess certain types of charges that are excluded from portions of the water. This allows very pure water to be delivered and toxins to be more easily separated from any system in the fact that has already begun before it is consumed.


  • BIOLOGICAL – Toxins are more efficiently expelled from the human, plant or animal elimination system through perspiration and elimination systems
  • MECHANICAL – Contaminants are broken down into finer structures which do not cement or clump into the system, resulting in a clean water flow and greater deposition of fine structures that do accumulate where the flow is needed.
Hagalis AG Analytical Laboratory, Quality Management, and Naturopathic Medicines

The Hagalis AG is an international laboratory specializing in the quality analysis in the area of food, water, and goods in daily use. Hagalis produces naturopathic medicines and cosmetics of, especially high quality. Their method of crystallization analysis makes product quality transparent and comprehensible to customers.

In their study of Clayton Nolte’s Structure Water Unit, the Hagalis AG states:


This is a clear indication of a highly increased quality to the Nolte Structured Water unit since such structures can only appear in very high-quality water of a natural origin. There are absolutely no indications of 90° angular structures which would represent toxins or toxic substances choose one. On the contrary, it can be established that the bioavailability and the biological quality has obviously increased. The Structured Water unit is not only able to neutralize negative effects, but it can also restructure the water so it retains the significant natural positive quality.