“Once water is structured by any of the NAT structured water units. The molecular structure of these toxic substances like fluoride all have changed from 90 degree structures (toxic) to 60/120 degree structures (non toxic) see image below 2.1 and 2.2″


Edwin asked Inventor Clayton Nolte 3 specific questions about toxins:


Phycisist Inventor Clayton Nolte

Image 1.1. Clayton Nolte, Inventor

1: How do people know that 60/120 degree molecular crystal structures are non toxic?

Clayton’s response: Let’s first understand how we arrived at the 60/120-degree angles that the Lab report is referring to; similar to the angles you would find when building a roof for your house – you subtract that off a 180-degree, leaving you with the 120-degree angle, which is equivalent to the angle of a hydrogen bond.

These angles can be seen when you dry off the water, where you are left with the angle of the hydrogen bond that the calcium salts have taken on in the water.

You see, tap water and most service water is in chaos; they have tens of thousands of water molecules forming huge clusters which are not natural and not cohesive, so when these waters are structured, the clusters are reduced to 5 to 20 water molecules, which are equally found in nature. So when you look at geometric form that has 6 water molecules (6 points) in a cluster it is called hexagon water, a perfect structure in water. The 60/ 120 degree bond angles mean that water can not support toxicity, it can’t hold it, it can’t carry it.


Image 2.1 – Tap water sample magnified 400 times before structuring (see 90 degree angles – toxic)


Image 2.2. – ‘Same’ tap water sample magnified 400 times after structuring (see 60/120 degree angles –         non-toxic)

You can clearly see in these two photos, that image 2.1 features 90-degree angle ‘salts’, and image 2.2 features 60/120 degree angle ‘salts’. After structuring tap water (image 2.1) the hydrogen bond angle has changed see (image 2.2). When you do a straight chemistry test, it will show you that nothing has changed from a chemistry perspective. But when we look at it energetically, we can see that the structure of the salts has changed from 90 degrees (toxic-image 2.1) to 60/120 degree angle (nontoxic -image 2.2)  after structuring tap water.

Let me further demonstrate this in the following example. In image 3.1, we see a diamond and a piece of coal. Both items not only look different but have different purposes in life. More importantly, this illustrates that both have a different molecular structure due to to their hydrogen bond angels. Yet if you test from a chemistry perspective, they both are made up out of 100% carbon.



Image 3.1

Image 3.1. Diamond vs Coal When you structure tap water it turns toxic particles (like coal) into healthy particles (like diamonds). Hence ‘coal’ the so called toxic particle in this example can no longer complete it’s function (be harmful). This is possible because when you vortex tap water it changes the hydrogen bond angles into beautiful geometric shapes which means harmful toxins like fluoride, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals  etc are now neutralised.

2: Is there any other information out there that can verify this discovery?

Clayton’s response; you are asking me to give you a scientific report that you can understand and that does not exist in the science community they are all written in hyper language.

In chemistry they don’t talk about hydrogen bond angles because in chemistry all they look at are the physical components in the water. like arsenic and led. To find a specific report from the scientific community that talks specifically about the reflection of hydrogen and water I don’t know if I can find it.

Clayton says “Understand that when you change the bond angle of hydrogen it changes all things”.

To find a specific article in a scientific journal report on hydrogen bond angles, go to Dr. Emoto from Japan all his pictures on water are a reflection of hydrogen bond angles.

Dr. Emoto watermolecules

This photo (from Dr. Emoto) illustrates that unstructured water has no geometric pattern, where as structured water (in this case occurred through blessing the water) has geometric pattern which indicates it is cohesive (balanced). This phenomenon is now widely documented all over the world. 

3: Once water is structured with 60/120 degree hydrogen bond angles, how do people know it is better for them?

Clayton’s response: For water to be accepted on a cellular level, the water molecule structure has to be at a certain level itself.

Optimal hydration occurs when the water is lower than 46 dynes (dynes is a measure of viscosity). A tensiometer is (a tool used to look at the water tension). Basically, the lower the dynes, the denser and wetter the water – which is more hydrating. To give you an idea, bottled water is 72 dynes and tap water is roughly 84 dynes, which means neither bottled water or tap water can hydrate us optimally. Structured water is 38-43 dynes causes water to be extremely effective at hydrating the cell.

As explained in question one, structuring water means that the molecular structure drops down from chaotic amounts per cluster (tens of thousands), to only 5-20 molecules per cluster, as it is in pristine mountain springs. You see, every water molecule is a point; when you connect the points, it creates beautiful geometric forms that cannot carry and cannot hold toxins. Any cluster larger than 5-20 molecules, start to create chaos when trying to connect the points, meaning that the water becomes in-cohesive (unnatural).

The difficulty I have is that in order to validate what religious groups have been doing for centuries with blessed water, what Dr Emoto has been photographing with structured water molecules, and what has been independently tested, is that there needs to be more researchers and doctors looking at what I am looking at and providing with Natural Action Technologies.

Please read the independent study here and other significant test results.

For a physicist to sign off on things they require money they would only do it if they get paid to sign off on it or make a statement. But the majority of people do not realise that there is great reluctance for scientists to step into a world where there is no documentation that somebody has already proven it. This often means an individual is required to go looking where no body has looked before.

You can visit the website of Dr. K. Koroktov where he has hundreds of thousands of documents where they talk about structured water and what structured water does.

Physicists today with a PhD  with many years of education they have to be paid for these views. The truth is that most physicists are driving trucks or are teaching at schools because if they go into an industry with their credentials, they are relegated to prove whatever product they get paid to use.

(End of phone interview with Inventor of NAT Water Conditioner – Clayton Nolte, USA).

I hope this further helps clarifying what happens when tap water with toxins and toxic substances gets structured. Hence the independent German Haglis AG report concluded the following:

Hagalis AG Water Lab in Germany scientifically validates NAT Structured Water conditioners and energetics. It says:

“Through crystal analyzation, the crystal angles have shifted from 90 degree toxic before structuring, to 60/120 degree healthy after structuring with an NAT House water unit. There are absolutely no indications of 90 degree angular structures, which would represent toxics or toxic substances. Therefore, the sample has achieved a water quality level that is normally only to be found in high-quality natural spring water.” 



It is vital to understand that water pollution takes place at two different levels:

  1. Toxic water substance pollution 
  2. Toxic water memory pollution

Physicist & Scientists Now Know that both levels must be addressed for tap water not to be detrimental to our health. Only when tap water undergoes water structuring (through double vortex natural action) tap water can achieve its toxic free natural pristine state.