Each Method Tested 12x

10 Different tests, tested 12 times!

These discoveries were established through many testing devices:

  1. Human Observation
  2. Human Body and Tongue (The most sensitive of all instruments)
  3. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pulse testing
  4. Korean Hand Therapy (KHT pulse testing)
  5. Applied Kinesiology (AK) / muscle testing,
  6. Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) testing
  7. Acu-graph Testing
  8. Pulse Oximeters
  9. Blood Pressure Kits
  10. Thermometers

There are actually more test devices than this. Time will bring even more tests forth.

Some were also experiential or empirical evidence as given to us through our distributors and customers. They or we have checked and confirmed most of these events as much as 12 times or more. Twelve confirmations give us the initial beginning insights of possible statistical significance. Stay Structured!

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