The process by which structured water is created may seem bewildering, because the technology uses no moving parts or electricity, requires no maintenance, and is offered with a lifetime warranty. The concept is hard for some to grasp because it seems so simple.

The simplest way to explain how it works is to look at what happens to water in nature.

Water in nature is almost never still; the rivers flow, oceans surge, and even lakes are continually undergoing evaporation/condensation. Natural water is active. To structure water, it must be put into motion. The structuring process uses the motion of the flowing water as the source of energy to drive the device.

In the structuring chamber, the water is moved against specifically placed geometric forms that cause the water to swirl and vortex to its maximum potential.

Inventor, Clayton Nolte, has unveiled new water devices that offer excellent hydration and detoxification properties for the body. Clayton says that his devices are based on how nature purifies water in the oceans and rivers.

Clayton has observed that nature uses a process of dynamic motion of all kinds; tumbling the water every which way and making it run through vortices in order to restructure the water and make it pure again. The Structured Water units do the same thing.

These Structured Water units have geometrically shaped chambers inside of the unit that cause the water to swirl in a vortex fashion, sort of like a tornado, both clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time. Next, the water passes through a field of geometrically shaped pebbles that cause the water to tumble every which way, adding even more motion and momentum in the process.

When regular unstructured tap water flows into the inlet side of the device, the water that comes out the other end is both soft and structured, after going through the natural cleansing process that happens within the unit.



  1. TOXIC EFFECTS REDUCED – Structuring water changes its properties to allow water to separate electrical charges. Toxic elements possess certain types of charges that are excluded from portions of the water. This allows very pure water to be delivered and toxins to be more easily separated from any system in the fact that has already begun before it is consumed.
  • BIOLOGICAL – Toxins are more efficiently expelled from the human, plant or animal elimination system through perspiration and elimination systems
  • MECHANICAL – Contaminants are broken down into finer structures which do not cement or clump into the system, resulting in a clean water flow and greater deposition of fine structures that do accumulate where the flow is needed.
  1. MORE BIOAVAILABLE OXYGEN – NAT SWG’s (Structured Water Generators) stir the water in a highly efficient manner which re-distributes oxygen and hydrogen organizational layers to make Oxygen more available for Oxidation (breakdown) of contaminants into usable substances biologically and more filterable substances mechanically without the effect of excessive buildup or plugging.
  • BIOLOGICAL – More nutrients and oxygen are available to the system along with reduced anaerobic (pathogenic) microbial and increased aerobic beneficial microbials.
  • MECHANICAL – Increased oxidation of potentially toxic substances neutralizes aggressive substances and they break down faster and do not clump together as easily. Increased filter efficiency and decreased scale buildup are the results. This results in less replacement and maintenance of piping systems and all their components.
  1. INCREASED PHOTONIC ENERGY – By removing the ‘stress memory’ within the water through structuring, the water naturally becomes organized and its biofield energy increases. This increases the potential of cellular function and enhances water’s natural function as a nutrient carrier and toxic eliminator.
  • BIOLOGICAL – Less energy is required by anybody in terms of separating toxins out of the water and that energy becomes available to the body for growth or use of motion.
  • MECHANICAL – Radiation from WIFI and other EMF’s are better absorbed by the water increasing the threshold before negative effects occur.
  1. MOLECULAR ORGANIZATION INCREASED – When water is structured the molecules begin to form tighter packed and more organized complexes of water molecules. This allows for a more electrical charge to be stored in the water. Simply the water molecules start to work together more efficiently in the process of nutrient delivery and toxic removal, the primary function, and purpose of water which supports growth and life.
  • BIOLOGICAL – More energy is available for growth, nutrients are better delivered, and toxins are more effectively removed
  • MECHANICAL – Toxic buildup of energy (EMF’s) and solid matter deposition, resulting in less system maintenance and prolonged component life.



  • Increased Energy (due to greater biofield and or photonic energy)
  • Assists The Body to Deal With Toxins More Effectively (due to the process of seperation and smaller parts)
  • Boosting the immune system  (due to Increased Bio-Available Oxygen)
  • Super hydration (due to lower surface tension)
  • Beautiful Soft Water Making It Easy To Drink (due to lower surface tension)