How does structuring water works?

Does structured water really work?

Hagalis AG is an international laboratory specialising in quality analyses

Tap Water Control Before Structuring

(90 degree structures indicate ill performing water)

Tap Water Control After Natural Action

(The structured Indicates conversion to high-quality water)


What is the best water to drink?

When we discuss filtering water we are focused on creating less than one percent of the total water and largely ignore the other 99.99%, which is water.  Through crystal microscopy and forms of spectroscopy, we see that the water itself, through pumping, chemical additions, filtering, or other forms of entropy (disorder), alter the water and degrade its natural abilities.

Proper water structuring deals directly with restoring the whole water and influences the toxic signature (identified by 90-degree crystal growth – see above picture 1.).

Structuring water not only deals with altering the degree of H302 (discovered by Dr. Gerald Pollack). Natural Action says due to structuring water it also alters the structure of what remains in the water making it more bio-available or bio-removable from any system.  Alone, or when combined with filtering, water can be returned to its natural state. Through simple and cost-effective means structuring can render significant benefits wherever the water flows by bringing its natural function back to a higher degree of efficiency.