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88% of homes that drink structured water report better energy, sleep patterns, and decreased toxins.

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Our scientifically proven water solutions system improves and boosts energy levels, eliminate toxins and increase the oxygen in your body.

 When water travels for more than 90 meters through any water pipe it loses automatically it’s energy becoming dead water. This counts for tap, bottled and all filtered waters. But when these waters are vortexed before you drinking, or showering, the water will hold 83% more photonic energy to be absorbed in our bodies.

Drinking structured water help improves our digestive system, skin irritation, weight loss, sleep, concentration and so much more. Keep your body hydrated and boost your immune system by trying our structured water solution for 90 days or your money back guarantee!

Give your body the water nature intended it to have.

What People Say About Our Products

Hi My name is Steve and my family and I purchase the single tap water unit from Edwin about a year ago. We have young family and we decided to take matters water into our own hands. To make sure we were getting the best supply of water possible. It is all backed by research and everything is there if you want to find out? Edwin was very friendly and helpful when we met him at the markets. And the good thing is if you don’t have to buy any filters any more so you are saving lots of money. I love it because it is always there and I never have to replace it. You don’t have to think about it you don’t even know it exist. We initially we noticed the quality of the water was different as well the taste was different. I was not bloating through water I used to bloat when I tried to get 3 to 4 litters into me. Now I feel like I don’t have to drink that much water and I trust that it works. Take it into your own hands and I definitely recommend this structured water product. It has a 20 year guarantee anyway good luck with your purchase.

Steven Sarantis - AFL Merchandiser

I just bought the NAT Structured water filter after doing much research and deciding that it was the best on the market. I have already noticed that I feel significantly better, with more vitality and energy. It’s very easy to drink as it feels like it absorbs into my body almost instantly, plus it tastes great! It’s been amazing for my plants too as I have noticed them growing more abundantly plus cut flowers in a vase lasting over double the time they used to. My next purchase will be the portable filter, as I have noticed when I go away without having access to structured water I feel tired and dehydrated. I definitely can feel the positive difference structured water has made in my life. It’s been truly amazing!

Eliza Jacobs - Producer

It is comforting to know that we have a whole house water conditioner supplying optimized and healthy structured water into our home. With the introduction of our new-born son, we wanted to give him the best possible start in life by the introduction of healthy habits and sustenance. Our research over the years has left us with too many questions in relation to any contaminates and additives in our municipal tap water, especially the obvious odour and taste. Our choice is to drink, bath and wash in the healthiest water we can as a family, and certainly this is both possible and affordable today. We are very grateful to you for sharing this technology with our family and hope that it may inspire others to do the same. Anton, Mel and Kynan – Builder

Anton, Mel and Kynan - Builder

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