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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we call it structured?

Natural Ionization is the missing link in water quality – Bring mountain spring quality water into your home and go through biomimicry – the study and implementation of natural water purification – Natural ionization provides water vitality and structured water the way Nature intended.  To learn more about the process and verification, click here to watch both videos.

Does Structured Water Address Toxins?

These structured Water products are not filters and do not physically remove anything from the water, but they help you deal with it in the way nature intended.

TOXIC EFFECTS REDUCED – Structuring water changes its properties to allow water to separate electrical charges. Harmful elements possess certain types of charges that are excluded from portions of the water. This allows very pure water to be delivered and toxins to be more easily separated from any system because they have already begun before being consumed.

BIOLOGICAL – Toxins are more efficiently expelled from the human, plant or animal elimination system through perspiration and elimination systems

MECHANICAL – Contaminants are broken down into finer structures that do not cement or clump into the system. This results in a cleaner water flow and a more significant deposition of delicate structures that accumulate where the flow is needed.

How do I use the portable?

Hold the portable in your hand and place it underneath the faucet. Next, put a glass underneath, open the tap, and let the tap water run straight through the portable into the glass.

How does the water get structured if your products have no moving parts?

Natural Action Technology Structured Water products create a tuned environment where water is caused to flow in specific geometrical patterns. The flows and counterflows create an atmosphere of dynamic shear and pressure differentials that turn water into a machine. Our products work without filters (although they can be used if needed), chemicals or salts, electricity, magnets, and any moving mechanical parts. They require no maintenance. The working part of the system is the dance of the water itself.

Will I taste a difference in the Water?

Structured Water products were not designed to change the taste of the Water, although most people report that it does unless the source water is genuinely terrible. Whether the taste changes or not, the benefits remain. Structured Water creates increased hydration, increases nutrient absorption, increases biofield, known as photonic energy, less surface tension which means the Water is beautifully silky soft, and so much more. If your water taste is an issue, many have reported that adding a charcoal filter to their house can assist with bad-tasting Water. This can be installed before or after the housing unit in your home.

Can I use the Portable product to structure other liquids?

Yes. The Portable structures juices (apple, grape, orange, etc.) bring more flavour to the liquid. You can also structure your coffee or tea with the Portable. My preferred way is to add a bit of structured water to the juice or other liquids, which instantly causes the drinks of choice to be structured and this way, the Portable stays clean. If you are too poor, another liquid through the portable other than water, and clean the inside very well to avoid mould forming later (tip: vinegar and or baking soda).

Will Structured Water stay structured if it is boiled?

Yes, it will.

Does Structured Water remove bad smells from the water?

Although structured water products are not specifically designed to remove obnoxious odours in your water, many reports that it does. It depends on factors like what is being put in the water in your area, how much is being put in, and one’s sensitivity to smells.

For wells with a lot of sediment and sand, could we use a filter ahead of your Structured Water product without negatively impacting the Structured Water?

Absolutely. The filter will filter out the physical particles and ultimately be enhanced by the Structured Water product.

Would we still benefit from adding your product if we installed a different water filter or water softener in our house?

Yes, the structure will harmonise with all forms of water filters, water filtration systems, and softeners. In addition, you can install the Structured Water products before or after the water filter or system. Either way, you will enjoy the enhanced benefits of Structured Water.

How do I clean my portable?

Place 1 TBSP of baking soda into the large opening of the unit and slowly pour in 1/2 cup of vinegar. Rinse thoroughly after the bubbling stops. It is also dishwasher safe. (Do not submerge the unit into fully boiling water)

What if I live in an apartment complex?

A shower unit will work well for an apartment, and an Under Sink is applicable if your complex is ok with it.  They are both easy to install.

Why does my water still smell like chlorine?

As far as smells from your water. The adverse smell and taste will be present until the Structured Water has time to free up and release the buildup and sediments within the water. I suggest you run the water into a container and allow the Structured Water to off gas and settle the adversity.

I had been researching water filters and discovered Structured Water. I decided to get a Whole House filter fitted so all the family could benefit, not only to drink and cook with but to wash in structured water too. I’ve bean very happy with that decision and we all immediately noticed a significant improvement in the taste and quality of the water.

Sophie Marotta - Consultant

Thank you for introducing me to the Vortex Structured Water products. I love the portable structuriser. I take it with me everywhere I go for myself, family and friends. I love how much easier it is to drink water and how much quicker it seems to be absorbed from my stomach. For example, I can easily drink 0.5 to 1 Litre of water and exercise within 15mins at a very high level aerobically without any stomach discomfort. If I drink water straight from the tap, it rumbles around in my stomach for a long time (maybe 30 – 60 mins) before I can exercise comfortably. The difference is amazing.

Chris Bunney - Sleep Scientist

I’m really happy with the water device we purchased from AHA Structured Water. Since drinking structured water I have noticed it’s made a great difference to my endurance and recovery time from a sport. I’ve noticed I’m more flexible too and my joints don’t hurt so much. I also feel a lot more vibrant and energised, which is great. I love the taste of it and can hardly bear drinking any other water now. It feels good to know that I’m giving my body the best possible water I can. Thank you for your excellent product.

Luke Martin - DJ

I bought myself the gift of a structured water system. My hydration in my body is amazing. I recommend this to anyone.

Salana Mitton - Entrepreneur

The portable water filter is amazing – it really tastes different!

Shannon Barry - Yoga business owner

I have purchased the portable, single tap and the shower and find it to be very good, but tracking and traveling through Asia and being able to drink water from the tap with the portable structured water unit safely that says it all.

Uri Shoan- Business Owner

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