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“Overall, we are very happy and notice a difference in taste. We did a blind test, the four of us (two kids), kitchen water and untreated bathroom water. We all picked the restructured water to taste finer and smoother” Best Wishes.

Barbra Noh - Yoga Teacher

Thank you for your fantastic service and the lovely structured aha water we now have throughout our home. The portable device is great for making up my homoeopathic in the office and taking away on holidays. I believe everyone should be drinking structured water.

Kim Thomas - (Cert ISO 9001 Germany), Dip BRT. Hom Fa, Crys H. TFH and Nutritional Medicine.

Since I’ve been drinking and cooking with structured water in my home, I have noticed heaps of great changes! My skin and eyes are clearer, and I wake up feeling well-rested. I have found my concentration and clarity of thought have improved as well. I have since purchased the under-the-sink and a portable water conditioner. It’s great for travelling (no more carrying filled water bottles around). It’s a great feeling knowing I can have structured water wherever I go. I’m really enjoying the benefits of this incredible water – feel healed from within.

Julia Pratt - Model

Thank you once more for this amazing water. The water has actually helped bring my skin issues with yeast under control. It has just been phenomenal. Having my skin exposed to structured water in the shower and ingesting structured water daily has made all the difference. It is now 12 months in, and the debilitating symptoms of yeast that I used to face can no longer be found on my body. Thank you again and again!

Amrit Sandhu - Engineer

The portable water filter is amazing – it really tastes different!

Shannon Barry - Yoga business owner

After reading research studies reporting the calcifying effects of fluoride on the pineal gland, it was my extreme concern in regard to the industrial waste product – fluorosilicic acid – fluoride in the water that led to my search for a way to neutralize fluoride and other toxins like chlorine in all the water with which I came in contact. Even if I didn’t drink tap water, I knew we absorb through osmosis up to a litre of contaminated water in a ten-minute hot shower. My experience with the water conditioner has been phenomenal. To shower in structured water is a whole different and sublime experience. I recommend these water devices to anyone!

Jàguar L. - Multimedia Artist

I bought myself the gift of a structured water system. The hydration in my body is amazing. I recommend this to anyone.

Salana Mitton - Entrepreneur

Ever since buying the portable water conditioner, we have been structuring (and double structuring) all our drinking and cooking water. Previously I thought it would be impossible and unnecessary to drink 3-4 litres of water per day. However, within the first few weeks of drinking structured water, I was easily drinking 3-4 litres per day and feeling great. The water is easy to drink and absorb into the body, and I’ve noticed many positive changes in myself and those around me who also drink it. Old wounds are healing, increased energy and mental alertness, and better endurance. Having a choice now between drinking structured water and normal water, I can see and feel the difference structured water makes.

Bart Wolkowski - Marketing

Hi, My name is Steve, and my family and I purchased the single tap water unit from AHA structured Water about a year ago. We have a young family, and we decided to take matters of water into our own hands. To make sure we were getting the best supply of water possible. It is all backed by research, and everything is there if you want to find out. The staff at AHA Structured Water was very friendly and helpful when we met him at the markets. And the good thing is that you don’t have to buy any filters anymore, so you are saving lots of money. I love it because it is always there and I never have to replace it. You don’t have to think about it. You don’t even know it exists. We initially noticed the quality of the water was different, as well as the taste was different. I was not bloating through the water. I used to bloat when I tried to get 3 to 4 litters into me. Now I feel like I don’t have to drink that much water, and I trust that it works. Take it into your own hands, and I definitely recommend this structured water product. It has a 10-year guarantee anyway. Good luck with your purchase.

Steven Sarantis - AFL Merchandiser

“We are very happy with our structured water devices! These devices are easy to install, and the service is friendly and efficient. I have just bought another single tap for my parents. Highly recommended!”

Kae Bear - Dentist

It helped me enjoy drinking water again. Went from 2-4 cups a day to 2-3 litres daily. My body absorbed the water using your unit rather than going to the gents ten times a day when I attempted to drink 2 litres + per day in the Massive past change. It tastes better! It made me feel more relaxed and less jittery for some reason. I can’t explain this. It made me calmer somehow… in the same way that meditation calms my mind, this “calmed my body” somehow by drinking more vortexed structured water. I attempted to drink 1-3 litres a day, but my body didn’t like the taste and bloated feeling. This is easy to drink, with no bloating! I ate much less food and drank more water and light dinners, so I seemed to save food and money! I am convinced 100%. Big change!

Dean Steele Bennet - CEO

NAT Structured Water in Indonesia has become “holy water”. My father loved it, and after day one, I noticed the softness of the water in my body and inner being. I inspire the people here with NAT Structured Water, and with joy, I can say that I have become an ambassador for AHA Structured Water in Indonesia. Thank you for this healing water. Friendly greetings!

Cees Diele - Yoga Teacher

This structured water, I like to call it ” AWAKENED WATER”, is the wettest and silkiest water I’ve ever tasted. This water, once I’ve been hydrated, has had many obvious positive effects on my health. One of the most obvious and interesting I will mention is that the saliva in my mouth is now, as a result, always wetter and silkier. It has clearly changed the way I am hydrated in my body, HYDRATING ME FROM THE INSIDE OUT. What a remarkable apparatus. Secondly, I love that it is portable, so I have access to “Awakened Water” everywhere I go. I recommend this remarkable apparatus to anyone.

Rebecca Yazmyon - Activist / Model

It is comforting to know that we have a whole house water conditioner supplying optimized and healthy structured water into our home. With the introduction of our new-born son, we wanted to give him the best possible start in life by introducing healthy habits and sustenance. Our research over the years has left us with too many questions in relation to any contaminants and additives in our municipal tap water, especially the obvious odour and taste. Our choice is to drink, bath and wash in the healthiest water we can as a family, and certainly, this is both possible and affordable today. We are very grateful to you for sharing this technology with our family and hope that it may inspire others to do the same. Anton, Mel, and Kynan – Builder

Anton, Mel and Kynan - Builder

We have come across the AHA structured water units when visiting friends who had one installed for their drinking as well as the AHA shower head – I liked the water when I tried it – there was something fresh – like a spring feeling – to it.  I also tried the shower, which was pleasant and again felt refreshed. I read some more on the technology and decided that it was worth the extra investment to do a whole house system. Now, for example, we drink from ANY tap in the house, and both showers are on the system. We love drinking water.  Our daughters are happy to drink water (no sodas in our house), and everyone drinks plenty. One warning – the showers are so much fun it is hard to get the kids out.

Michael Bartura - Mindfulness-based business/life coach

I had been researching water filters and discovered Structured Water. I decided to get a Whole House filter fitted so all the family could benefit, not only to drink and cook with but to wash in structured water too. I’ve been very happy with that decision, and we all immediately noticed a significant improvement in the taste and quality of the water.

Sophie Marotta - consultant

It started some years ago -My search for healthy water that I could drink – you would think a quick Google search would give a true answer – well that was not so – after several trials and error water tastings and after my biggest mistake buying this high pH Alkaline water filter – Belching – feeling nauseous to the point my stomach said to me – no – no more. I read an article sent to me about the dangers of drinking high pH alkaline water for long periods of time. It all made sense – After proper education and now 6 months I feel the difference in my body and understand how structured water is so beneficial – I also had some independent water testing done – structured water is the best and it tastes amazing – smooth and sweet – it’s so easy to drink – my body craves it.

Rosemary Sciacca

Thank you for introducing me to the Vortex Structured Water products. I love the portable structure. I take it everywhere I go for myself, family and friends. I love how much easier it is to drink water and how much quicker it seems to be absorbed from my stomach. For example, I can easily drink 0.5 to 1 Litre of water and exercise within 15mins at a very high level aerobically without any stomach discomfort. Drinking water straight from the tap rumbles around in my stomach for a long time (maybe 30 – 60 mins) before I can exercise comfortably. The difference is amazing.

Chris Bunney - Sleep Scientist

I’ve noticed my body responding positively to drinking and showering in this water, and I felt hydrated all day. Also, all the joints in my body feel more flexible, which improved the rate of my yoga practice. At a mental level, there’s been a significant change too. I’ve become more focused and grounded. Maintaining calm and having a more observant state of mind is much easier. My skin feels better, and my long hair seems to shine more. I recommend anyone try the water conditioners and start noticing the positive effects they will have.

Elena Shchuchkina - Engineer

I just bought the NAT Structured water filter after doing much research and deciding that it was the best on the market. I have already noticed that I feel significantly better, with more vitality and energy. It’s very easy to drink as it feels like it absorbs into my body almost instantly, plus it tastes great! It’s been amazing for my plants, too, as I have noticed them growing more abundantly, plus cut flowers in a vase lasting over double the time they used to. My next purchase will be the portable filter, as I have noticed when I go away without having access to structured water, I feel tired and dehydrated. I definitely can feel a positive difference structured water has made in my life. It’s been truly amazing!

Eliza Jacobs - Producer

I’m really happy with the water device we purchased from AHA Structured Water. Since drinking structured water, I have noticed it’s made a great difference to my endurance and recovery time from a sport. I’ve noticed I’m more flexible, too, and my joints don’t hurt so much. I also feel a lot more vibrant and energised, which is great. I love the taste of it and can hardly bear drinking any other water now. It feels good to know that I’m giving my body the best possible water I can. Thank you for your excellent product.

Luke Martin - DJ

I bought the portable water conditioner so I could be sure I was drinking quality water with no nasties wherever I am. It is vital to my health. The taste is beautiful, smooth and pure, and I love it.

Ruth Fenby - Accountant

I have purchased the portable, single tap and the shower and find it to be very good, but tracking and travelling through Asia and being able to drink water from the tap with the portable structured water unit safely says it all.

Uri Shoan- Business Owner

“I can feel the difference of structured water instantly. It is so smooth and gives me peace of mind that I am consuming water that is truly hydrating and neutralised of toxins. My portable structure is the first thing I pack when leaving my house.”

Megan Louise Wright - Social Entrepreneur

I love this product, I also have the house system plumbed in. This is not only great for our personal use, but also my clients benefit during their colonics.

Merrideth Kable - Colonic Irrigation Clinic

The reason why I bought the unit is that I have been away for 30 years, and having grown up in Melbourne, I was remembering how beautiful the water was now. Having returned, I saw that the water is been added to the water, so I definitely needed to find a water filtration system. So that is where the structured water unit comes in. I bought the portable unit the reason has been that I was travelling to India. I am a classical Homeopath, and I was resuming my studies there in Kerala I used the portable all the time. It was fantastic. I could drink the water wherever I was. It is an investment, but it is an investment into your health. It is out of the mainstream, and it does take a leap of faith to make a decision like this, but it is definitely worth it, it really is. When you start to make a decision like this, and you start to reap the benefits. You start to experience this ripple effect. Or when you start to make decisions pertaining to your health in other areas so it has this kind of maximising effect. I feel great and I definitely recommend it!

Cassandra Williams - Classical Naturopath

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