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Dr Wolfgang Ludwig, a biophysicist respected worldwide, conducted numerous spectroscopic measurements to determine water quality. Based on a quantum theory, he concluded: “Water has a memory like an elephant.” The results of his research and testing demonstrated unequivocally: “Water is an information carrier”; “Water is capable of storing information”; “Water stores information, once it has committed it to its memory, at the level of certain frequencies and can transfer this information to other systems/ organisms”.

The book “Environmental Medicine” by Dr Michael Treven and Peter P. Talkenberger, is an interview with the renowned German physicist Dr Wolfgang Ludwig. Dr Ludwig talks about water’s memory and water as an information carrier. Below are some informative and thought to provoke excerpts from the interview:

Question: “Dr Ludwig, you have formulated the thesis stating that water has a memory like an elephant. What exactly does this statement refer to?”

Dr Ludwig: “This statement refers to the following: water can transfer information, once it has obtained it, to other systems such as living organisms.”

Question: “Let us be very specific here. Water as an information carrier! What does that mean? To what degree of realization has the modern science of physics arrived at this date?”

Dr Ludwig: “What few humans know is the following fact: detrimental/poisonously charged/burdened water, as we have today in our wells and municipal water supplies, rivers, lakes, underground water, etc., is often polluted with substances such as lead, cadmium, nitrate and an impressive variety of other detrimental substances from households, agriculture and industry. All of this water can be chemically treated to purify the water and eliminate bacteria etc., but after the water treatment has “purified” the water as far as the “science of yesterday” is concerned, the water still carries certain electrical frequencies, oscillations in specific frequency bands (wavelengths). By further analyses, these can be tracked precisely to those detrimental substances which were detected in the water before treatment. Even after treatment and purification of water, it still contains certain unwanted signals from these poisonous substances which depending upon their wavelength, can be destructive and/or injurious to our health.”

Question: “Well, does this mean that heavy-metal polluted water, after a thorough water treatment, will still transfer the heavy metal’s poisonous information to the human organism?”

Dr Ludwig: “This is exactly what it means. Certain electromagnetic frequencies of heavy-metal polluted water have been found in cancer tissue as well. Let us take the frequency 1.8 hertz, which is a very low frequency. We have been able to confirm that fresh water in a certain major German city carries this 1.8-hertz frequency. Mind you, that water was distilled twice before this measurement! From this, we can draw the following conclusion: After any cleansing, purification, chemical treatment, filtration or even after distillation, the pollutants’ harmful information – the electromagnetic frequencies/oscillations can be transferred to the human organism. They are there, measurably present in the water molecules both before and after any of the conventional treatments. So even when our fresh water is chemically purified, it is still physically pollutant-information-charged both before and after any conventional treatment. It is not the chemical substance which affects the human organism when you drink this water; it is the undesirable frequencies.”

Dr Ludwig continues: “Water which has once been exposed to pollutants is dead. Even the most intensive and modern sewage treatment facilities cannot revive it. It is energetically dead, and it contains no useful information. Biologically valuable water must contain certain useful frequencies in order for the human organism to benefit from it. In spite of these facts, scientific research institutes are not even remotely aware of these phenomena and are not taking them into consideration. Not yet, anyway! We must remember that the materialistic view of the world only deals with, let us assume, one billionth of reality.

In the area of energetic reciprocal action or interaction between material and biological systems, there has to this day only been very limited research. The few results from this avant-garde scientific research has found have, as strange as it sounds, been known by humans for thousands of years, especially by indigenous nations like Native Americans. In accordance with this, we know from geo-biology about places with a special force or power where special plants grow, which do not grow in other places. Physical measurements have shown the existence of a lower level than normal of gamma radiation in these power spots. But this is the only known parameter out of a wide spectrum of factors, of which we do not have any inkling yet. It would be an extreme violation of the truth if we were to claim, as a civilization, that our scientists have researched and explained all of Nature’s phenomena and wonders.”


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