Structured water is a natural occurring phenomenon that happens in mountain creeks, rivers and oceans all around the world.


Water needs to be structured at all times in order to aid life in an optimal way. When we take water out of it’s natural environment and expose it toxins, dams, treatment facilities and kilometres of different pipes it loses it’s structure.

To restore natures’s water back to it’s pristine structured state a new water technology is developed that can be used either when you travel or in any house hold, office building, fruit or vegetable farm.

The process by which structured water is created may seem bewildering, because the technology uses no moving parts or electricity, requires no maintenance, and is offered with a lifetime warranty. The concept is hard for some to grasp, because it seems so simple.

So ask yourself, what does nature do to water?

Water in nature is almost never still; the rivers flow, oceans surge, and even lakes are continually undergoing evaporation/condensation. Natural water is active. To structure water, it must be put into motion. The device uses the energy of flowing water for structuring process.

In the structuring chamber, the water is moved against specifically placed geometric forms that cause the water to swirl and vortex to its maximum potential.

Inventor, Clayton Nolte, has unveiled new Structured Water devices that offer excellent hydration and detoxification properties for the body.

Nolte says that his devices are based on how nature purifies water in the oceans and rivers.

He has observed that nature uses a process of dynamic motion of all kinds; tumbling the water every which way and making it run through vortices in order to restructure the water and make it pure again.



So Clayton Nolte’s Structured Water Units do the same thing. His Ultimate Structured Water Units have geometrically shaped chambers inside of the device that cause the water to swirl in a vortex fashion, sort of like a tornado, both clock-wise and counter clock-wise at the same time. Next, the water passes through a field of Geometrically shaped and placed pebbles that causes the water to tumble every which way, adding even more motion and momentum in the process.

When regular unstructured tap water flows into the inlet side of the device, the water that comes out the other end is both soft and structured, after going through the natural cleansing process that happens within the unit.

There are many benefits to using Structured Water.


  • Very low surface
  • PH is balanced
  •  Is beautiful soft
  • It does not bloat you
  • Has no “Toxic Memory”
  • All Toxins are being neutralised
  • Has high life force energy
  • Big Increase in stable oxygen


The structured water has a natural intelligence that allows it to discern what is good for the body and what is harmful for it. It absorbs the things that are bad for the body, like chlorine and fluoride, and holds them in isolation for safe removal from the body. And if there is still enough capacity in the water molecule, it will start pulling other toxins such as viruses, bacteria, pesticides and other harmful chemicals from your body as well. In other words, this natural water will detoxify your body with every zip, shower and bath you take.

The second huge benefit that this unit delivers is that it really helps to hydrate the cells of the body and that includes all the organs, tissues, and skin, and helps to balance the PH of the fluids of the body.

That amounts to anti-aging, and boosting the immune system. All from drinking the right kind of water. Clayton Nolte has developed several different size units for home, travel, garden and commercial use.

There are testimonials on the website from many happy customers who drink, bath and shower with structured water every day.

Ps. Cat’s or dog’s seem to prefer it as well. O and if you have a garden with veggies and other plant life it seems to do so much better when you water it with structured water!