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Pregnancy can be an exciting and cherished time as the mother and family prepare to welcome a tiny new member. So naturally, parents want to do everything they can to ensure that their infant is delivered safely and lives a happy and healthy life – and preparation during the pregnancy is essential. So as you tick off the many jobs that need to be completed before your child arrives, remember that the quality of Water you’re drinking also plays a significant role in your health and the health of your unborn child.

Hydration For The Mother:

During pregnancy, paying attention to your body and its signals is essential. Sometimes the body will let you know it is deficient in something, often Water, but this is commonly misconstrued as hunger. Especially during pregnancy, it’s essential to learn how your body acts and reacts and how you can ensure that you and your child are healthy. Morning sickness can be hazardous as your body rejects anything and everything, and small tips such as squeezing lemon into your Water can help you to retain the essential fluids in your body. If you feel your concentration dropping off, muscle pains, headaches, or other symptoms of dehydration, reach for a glass of Water!

The best water for human consumption is structured water. This water is characterised by a small cluster size penetrating the cells much faster, supplying nutrients and oxygen more efficiently than unstructured water. Furthermore, when structured water replaces the unstructured water in the body, cell water turnover and cellular metabolism are enhanced – positively affecting many other functions.


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