Pregnancy can be an exciting and cherished time, as the mother and family prepare to welcome a tiny new member. A parent wants to do everything that they can to ensure that their infant is delivered safely, and lives a happy and healthy life – and preparation during the pregnancy is essential. As you tick off the many jobs that need to be completed before your child arrives, remember that the water that you’re drinking also plays a huge role in your health and the health of your unborn child.

Hydration For The Unborn Baby:

When you’re a mum-to-be, you need to be extremely aware of how much water you’re drinking, and how this can affect your child. All of the vital nutrients you’re consuming are being absorbed into your cells through water, which then transports them to the fetus to help the child develop. Because of this, mothers need to be drinking more water, to ensure that nutrients are absorbed and transported efficiently. The effects of this can have a huge effect on the child – if the water is not absorbed properly and the nutrients cannot be carried throughout the mother’s body, the child is unlikely to receive the nutrients that it needs.

Hydration For The Mother:

During your pregnancy, pay attention to your body and the signals it’s sending out. Sometimes the body will let you know it is deficient in something, often water, but this is commonly misconstrued as hunger by many of us. Especially during pregnancy, it’s important to learn about how your body acts and reacts, and how you can ensure that you and your child are healthy. Morning sickness can be seriously dangerous as your body rejects anything and everything, and small tips such as squeezing lemon into your water can help you to retain the essential fluids in your body. If you feel your concentration dropping off, muscle pains, headaches, or other symptoms of dehydration, reach for a glass of water!

How Structured Water Can Help:

These aquaporins are so small that only singular water molecules can pass – unfortunately, regular water from your tap has been passed through many congested processes and chemical treatments, resulting in larger clusters of water molecules. Hexagon water, or structured water, has been offered movement and oxygen through a water double-vortex device, which allows the particles to detach from these unnaturally large clusters, and move freely again, so they are easier for your body to absorb. Structured water can ensure that you and your child are hydrated and healthy, as the water structure process also neutralises harmful toxins and clears the water of any residual toxic memory – this is especially important as toxins are readily passed on from mother to child, and can result in chronic illness or other symptoms which can take away from quality of life.

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