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There’s nothing worse than a case of Mondays – especially when they seem to last all week. Whether the weekend left you particularly parched, the air conditioning is making your skin dry and cracked, or you don’t have access to drinking water throughout the day, dehydration at work can cost you and your workplace. Here is what everyone should know about dehydration in the workplace and our tips to combat it.

Even Mild Dehydration Can Affect Productivity:

Studies from academic institutions – such as the University of Barcelona – have shown that even mild dehydration of as little as 1-3% can is detrimental to productivity. Not only does it reduce concentration and alertness, but it results in slower memory responses and cognitive function. A 3% dehydration can impair your reactions as much as a 0.08 Blood Alcohol Content, making you five times more likely to crash your car. This tiny disparity shows us just how reliant we are on the water for proper functioning and is a warning sign for those who are chronically dehydrated.

Workplace Stress Rises With The Heat:

As the thermostat slowly rises, so do impatience and stress. Having fresh water on hand can alleviate the effects of heat on the body, allowing everyone to cool down (literally and figuratively). Especially in Australia, where temperatures regularly scorch, employees must be increasingly aware of their hydration levels to avoid falling below an acceptable level.

The Real Cost Of Dehydration:

If you found out that half your staff had a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.08, you would send them packing. After all, the risk of mistakes and lack of focus aren’t worth it. So why are we so complacent with hydration? With the hidden costs behind expensive errors and tired procrastination, there is a wealth of productivity being hindered by dehydration.

What You Can Do:

If you’re supporting a team of employees or need to ensure that you’ve properly hydrated yourself, look for a system that develops the water most easily absorbed into the body. Regular tap water forms large clumps, which cannot be passed efficiently through our aquaporins – resulting in bloating and fluid retention without adequate hydration. AHA Structured Water promotes and sells structured water technology, which structures and restores water of any origin. Once this water –tap, bottled, filtered, etc.- has been restored at a molecular level, it’s effortless for your body to absorb and be transported throughout the body.


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