Are Australian Water Authorities Telling You The Truth?

I am deeply concerned about the quality of Australia tap water and how it may be affecting your health. Don’t think you have a problem with your water? Have you ever thought about what happens from the catchment to your kitchen?


Consider These Facts: rain travels an average of 1-5km through the atmosphere before it hits the earth. Along the way it can become contaminated with all manner of pollutants including lead, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, particles and sulphur dioxide.


According to the Department of the Environment, particles and ozone are of most concern in Australia having peak concentrations at or above national air quality standards.


Then it hits the earth where it mixes with sediments, oil, nutrients, chemicals, and fertilisers, rotting insects, animal faeces and a multitude of contaminants as it runs across the land. Your water, teaming with atmospheric and land pollutants, makes its way to a local dam where it mixes with algae and decomposing plant life.


According to the CSIRO: Australia’s inland waterways are vulnerable to outbreaks of toxic blue-green algae (Cyanobacterial) that are a major hazard to safe water supply.


According to Australia’s national drinking water research centre: Saxitoxin (one of the common blue-green algae toxins in Australia) is similar to the toxins of the tiger snake, taipan and common brown snake. Your water is now transferred to holding ponds where alum (potassium aluminium sulphate) is added to remove particles from the water.


The problem is alum is a controversial substance often linked to diseases like Alzheimer’s. In an attempt to kill the nasty bacteria that is now breeding like rabbits in your water, poisonous chemicals like copper-based algaecides, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and even sulphuric acid are added by the tonne.


According to the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality, the cancer risk to people who drink chlorinated water is 93 percent higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.


But that’s not all. Even though almost every European country banned fluoride years ago – and there’s no undisputed evidence it has any real dental benefits – this poisonous waste product is added to all our tap water. I say ‘waste product’ because that’s exactly what it is – a ‘leftover’ from the fertiliser industry classified as hazardous waste.


The National Research Council’s own scientific review suggested fluoride may cause a variety of harmful effects, from skeletal fluorosis, bone fractures, and, potentially, even cancer.


Now your water travels through miles of pipes that are as old as your city. Who knows what’s lurking in there. If you were game to look you’d probably find rust, sediment, lead, dirt, chlorine, mercury, rodent faeces and all manner of junk to further contaminate your water.


And finally, you turn on your tap, fill your glass, and think you are drinking clean, safe water. Not only has your water become polluted by the atmosphere, contaminated from the land, and poisoned by a whole host of artificial chemicals, it’s been ‘isolated’ from nature for so long the molecules are probably clumped together.


When water is in its natural state – bubbling in a mountain stream – it’s full of oxygen and photonic life force energy. The molecules travel in small cluster size up to 20 in any given cluster. But when it sits stagnant or is treated artificially, the molecules clump together and the cluster size because huge anywhere up to 100,000 water molecules per cluster. Which makes it very difficult for your cells to absorb this kind of water.


Even when you do as Doctors suggest and drink 2 litres of water a day, your body may not be able to absorb these ‘tangled’ water molecules. Bloating and feeling still dehydrated is often case even worse, you may actually be poisoning yourself.


Your current tap water may be sapping you of energy, causing your skin and hair to feel dry, and giving you general lethargy and aches and pains.


Some substances in your water have also been linked to arthritis, bone degeneration, thyroid disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, brain degeneration and even cancer.


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