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Not only in Australia but now also in New Zealand, plans to drown its citizens in toxic fluorides.


“Oh, we love Australia and  New Zealand. It’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Is it…what? What did you say?… No, that’s impossible. That couldn’t be happening. So they’re doing what?”

The strategy of the New Zealand government, like the Australian Government, is simple. A series of local movements are thriving. So kill them by claiming decision-making must occur at a “higher level.” Take power out of the hands of locals.

The people can’t represent themselves. That’s dangerous. No, big Government will represent the people—by squashing what the people want.

The issue is fluorides. We recently wrote two articles demonstrating the extreme toxicity of this substance, which of course, is dumped in water supplies as a medical treatment.

Why should a government be permitted to dump poison into the Water and call it medical treatment?

And having called it medical treatment, by what power can a Government mandate it for all citizens without informed consent, without the explicit permission of those millions of so-called patients?

Yes, patients, because that’s what they are. They’re being treated every day.

By what power can this happen? Dictatorship is calling itself a democracy.

A note to tourists: how do you feel about travelling to Australia and New Zealand and drinking poison? Do you like that bonus for spending your good money in “paradise?”

If not, you might want to contact the Australian and New Zealand tourism authority and let them know about your plans change.

Such organisations are always interested in money, where it’s coming from—and where it won’t come from.

So we must take matters into our own hands, and structuring and filtering your Water is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity if you care about your health because, indeed, your Government doesn’t.


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