Distilled Water Is It Dangerous To Drink?

Distilled water and RO (reverse osmosis) water is hungry water. It has no power to discern what is good and what is bad. It takes it all. There is a correlation between the consumption of soft water (distilled water is extremely soft) and the incidence of...

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Australia tap water versus Structured Water

Are Australian Water Authorities Telling You The Truth? I am deeply concerned about the quality of Australia tap water and how it may be affecting your health. Don’t think you have a problem with your water? Have you ever thought about what happens from the catchment...

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What Is Structured Water?

  Structured water is a natural occurring phenomenon that happens in mountain creeks, rivers and oceans all around the world.   Water needs to be structured at all times in order to aid life in an optimal way. When we take water out of it's natural...

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Benefits Of Structured Water

Why Structured Water? What is happening to Our Water?   The ancient hydrological cycles that purified and energized the Earth's living waters have been disturbed across most of the planet and this 'natural' water is out of reach for 99% of the people on the...

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Hydration For The Unborn Baby and Mother

Pregnancy can be an exciting and cherished time, as the mother and family prepare to welcome a tiny new member. A parent wants to do everything that they can to ensure that their infant is delivered safely, and lives a happy and healthy life – and preparation during...

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Alkaline Water Negatives

This article offers a simple explanation of the meanings of “alkaline” and alkalinity” written by Dr. Mark Sircus. The words are often confused and misused by the alkaline water industry.   Alkaline Without Alkalinity   A glass of water at pH 9 can have low,...

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