Clayton M. Nolte

Clayton Nolte is a researcher and inspired inventor of life transforming water structuring technologies (NAT Structured Water Conditioners). He spent the last forty years exploring physics, math and the properties of water, and the effects it has on life. He says: “Water in nature is the machine it self when it dances, spirals, tumbles knowing as vortexing creating structured water”.

Viktor Schauberger

Naturalist, Visionary, Inventor and Forestry Conservationist Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958). Austrian inventor and forestry conservationist, Schauberger was an early observer of water’s behaviour. Viktor made a life long study of water, from mountain springs to river flow. he earned the name “Water Wizard” by developing a deep understanding of the power of structured water.

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Scientist, Researcher, Author and International Speaker. Dr Masaru Emoto undertook extensive research of water around the planet, subsequently realising that it was in the frozen crystal form, that water showed us its true nature. “From the tap water we could not get any beautiful crystals but from pristine rivers we could observe its own uniqueness its own divine structure”.

Inventor of the Natural Action Technology (NAT) structured water devices. Clayton Nolte’ has spent his entire life engineering and reverse-engineering technologies that are truly “out of this world.”

Clayton has always been consumed with the infinite possibilities. As a young teen growing up on a farm in the Midwest, Clayton soloed his first airplane at 14, fuelled with a passion to get a higher perspective of how things work. Academically, he has 14 years of higher education specifically in math, physics and chemistry. All of Clayton’s intellectual studies centred on asking questions and looking to the Universe for the answers.

Mr. Nolte spent the next 40 years in Research and Development, working as a consultant to various agencies. His assignments included traveling the world discovering new technologies and reverse engineering that would emulate nature and expose mysterious knowledge, thought of as unworldly.

During his research, a unique recurring phenomenon in water was discovered. Water was the only constant in almost every study and present in many places considered “impossible.” After years of studying this marvel, nature finally unveiled the true properties of Structured Water™. This understanding became the catalyst for Clayton to turn all his focus toward this fascinating phenomenon in nature.

It is Clayton’s vision of making Structured Water™ available to every man, woman and child in his lifetime. Clayton continues to share its discoveries, fuelling the possibilities of what you can do with the Natural Action Technology structured water devices.

Note: I flew up to meet Clayton in person to fully comprehend how this ingenious product produce all these health benefits. I was invited and spend 5 days with Clayton at his house in Arizona learning about Structured Water. I experienced Clayton to be a man of great insights, valuable knowledge and committed to help people.

“My mission is to make Structured Water available to every man, woman and child on this planet in my lifetime”

Researcher & Inventor Clayton Nolte