Launched in 2013, we have successfully looked after our clients for over four years. We are knowledgeable about the Dynamically Enhanced Natural Action Technologies (NAT) Structured Water Units and the health benefits of drinking and or showering in structured water.


After in-depth research over a long period of time, Edwin started to comprehend that water in vortexing flow from causes water to be healthy like it happens in mountain creeks and river systems all over the world.

After meeting with USA inventor Clayton Nolte, Edwin started to test in Australia the quality of water that these structured water units produced. He started to undertake Kinesiology (muscle) and pulse tests, blind water tests, flower & vegetable tests, soaking vegetable tests, Alkalinity / pH tests and surface tension water tests to name a few. But most importantly Edwin observed how his body and how his overall state of mind was responding.

The results were very exciting and Edwin realised he had been introduced to a profound water technology that creates exceptional quality water that boosted his vitality and health!


An important thing stood out to him that it was so easy and smooth to drink he just wanted to drink ‘more’ water which had never been the case for him. Even when he was drinking reverse osmosis (RO) + remineralisation water or water from electrical water Ionizes or catalytic carbon filters (Edwin used to sell these products) he was always very conscious of drinking water but that was now no longer the case. Structured Water is so effortless and in his opinion, structured water behaves differently in the body.

Edwin drink’s from bed 0.5 up to 1 liter in one go and 5 minutes + later the water no longer sits in my stomach. He can literally jump up and down and he would ask himself where did it go? You can hit the deck and start running without stitches or sloshing. He further noticed that he is less hungry and in terms of his health, all his joints feel much more mobile. No more cracking of the neck and he has become calmer, his skin and hair improved and it further helped him with his bowel movements. When Edwin play’s sports he experiences more endurance and less fatigue and better recovery these were a few important things he started to notice.


It was a big step to stop selling traditional water technology products. The way these businesses make a profit is by selling filters every 3, 6, 9 or 12 months etc. Yet Natural Action Structured Water Technology units are a one-off sale which from a business point of view can be a tough gig at times. But he followed his heart and knew this product is producing a far more balanced water, better for his health and that of his clients. Plus It’s much better for the environment no more toxic filters going into landfills. At the end, it saves Edwin and his client’s substantial money as it is maintenance free (never to replace anything as there are no moving parts, so no filters).

Edwin is glad to say that more and more people now start to discover the benefits of Structured Water. He truly hopes that after you read all the info, lab tests, other tests, testimonials and watch the video’s you too can feel confident and make an informed decision.

Please note: Edwin is not a physicist nor scientist but he has listed on the website what Physicists, Scientist, Doctors, Professors, Biologist, Researchers, Foresters, and Inventors have discovered about structured water and the NAT Structured Water Units. He has done his own scrutiny and research for the last 5 years on the subject water and performed many tests by using his own senses. FYI – that is what he values the rest is in his opinion all make belief. He understands that for many people science is a deciding factor and therefore important information to have.

Edwin invites everybody on a daily basis to start drinking structured water and take baths and showers in structured water to enjoy the many potential health benefits it can give you and your family! 

Edwin konijn

Edwin Konijn – Your Structured Water Expert!