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A structured water technology that turns ordinary tap water into extraordinary tap water, the quality difference is impressive! 

7 reasons why you should drink structured water every day:

Keeps you hydrated

We have reduced surface tension, which results in increased absorption and a more remarkable ability to hold and uptake nutrients. The water surrounding living cells is Hydrophilic, meaning water-loving; the reduced surface tension of structured water is more readily available to all the body’s cells to maintain the health of the cells and the entire body.

Boosts your immune system

Structured Water Generators (SWGs) stir the water highly efficiently, re-distributing Oxygen and hydrogen organizational layers. As a result, more nutrients and Oxygen are available to the system along with reduced anaerobic (pathogenic) microbial and increased aerobic beneficial microbes.

Improves your circulation

When water is structured, the molecules begin to form tighter-packed and more organized complexes of water molecules. This allows for more electrical charge to be stored in the water. As a result, the water molecules work together more efficiently in nutrient delivery and toxic removal. As a result, more energy is available for growth, nutrients are better delivered, and toxins are more effectively removed.

Softens your skin & hair

When water goes through a double vortex process, it spins around simultaneously to the left and right, reducing its surface tension and making the water wetter. As a result, it feels beautifully soft – many customers say the water has become rounder, silky or smooth.

Increases your energy

By removing the ‘stress memory’ within the water through structuring, the water naturally becomes organized, and its biofield energy increases. This increases the potential of cellular function and enhances water’s natural function as a nutrient carrier and toxic eliminator.

Eliminates harmful toxins

Altering their molecular and energetic structure and increasing available Oxygen indirectly reduces many toxins. Biological systems more easily break down finer structures and therefore do not clump or build up in excess within the system. By structuring the water, we increase the dissolved oxygen content of the water, increasing beneficial bacteria (aerobic) and decreasing pathogens.

Reduces your stress

Human metabolism is positively stimulated and supported due to high bio-availability, trace minerals, and surplus energy. In this respect, the water can be considered to have a high-quality biological value. In addition, it results in feeling less stressed and more comfortable in your skin.

How does it work?

A device that causes the water to spin 360° simultaneously, creating a double vortex in the water that triggers the natural structuration process. The result is structured water, which delivers nutrients more efficiently as well as removes unwanted elements more effectively. More info here

Impressive test results

Tap water vs structured water

Research conducted by Hagalis AG Analytical Laboratory. More info here

Tap Water

90-degree structures indicate ill-performing water

Structured Water

The structure indicates conversion to high-quality water.

The Hagalis AG (German) is an international laboratory specializing in quality analysis that has independently tested the Natural Action Technology (NAT) Vortex Structured Water Unit and concluded that after one pass of tap water through the portable NAT water unit, “The sample of structured water achieved a water quality level that is normally only to be found in high-quality natural spring water.” Therefore, it is no surprise that clients keep saying how amazed they are about the softness of their tap water, how easily structured water is to drink and how happy they are about the hydration level they experience that boosts their vitality! 

As good as natural spring water!

What alternative is there, really?

Tap Water
Bottled Water
Structured Water
Quality Poor Poor Excellent
Taste Poor Good Excellent
Convenience Excellent Poor Good
Happiness Poor Good Excellent
Price Excellent Poor Good

Tap water

To use when you have no other choice.

Bottled Water

A “good enough” solution, but very expensive. Cost estimated at AU$2700/adult/year.

Structured Water

Your best option: the healthiest, tastiest alternative, and very affordable: you buy once and use it for decades, with portable units starting under AU $500.

Our range of products


Use anywhere
It must be done every time

Whole House

Whole house covered
Set it and forget it

Under the sink

It covers only one water tap
Set it and forget it


Covers only 1 shower
Set it and forget it

What our customers have to say


Structured Water positively affects people’s health, vitality and overall state of mind. Below are some inspiring and significant health benefits people experience when they drink or shower in structured Water.


  • More energy
  • Improved bowel
  • Improved skin issues
  • Fewer headaches
  • Less period pain


  • More relaxed
  • Less aggravated
  • Less jittery
  • Less emotional
  • More at peace


  • Greater focus
  • Feeling less stressed
  • Sleeping better
  • Waking up fresher
  • Wanting to do more


  • More grounded
  • Feeling happier 
  • More motivated
  • More balanced
  • Having more awareness

“I’ve noticed my body responding positively to drinking Structured Water, and I felt hydrated all day. At a mental level, there’s been a significant change. I’ve become more focused and grounded,  and my period pain is gone. I recommended it.”

Elena Shchuchkina – Project Engineer

“Structured Water in Indonesia has become “holy water”. My father loves it, and after day one, I noticed the softness of the water in my body and inner being. So, with joy, I can say that I am an ambassador for AHA Structured Water in Indonesia.”

Cees Diele – Yoga Teacher

“I feel significantly better, with more vitality and energy  Structured Water is very easy to drink as it feels like it absorbs into my body almost instantly, plus it tastes great! It’s been amazing for my plants as well. They look much healthier!”

Eliza Jacobs – Producer

“We are very happy with our structured water devices! These devices are easy to install, and the service is friendly and efficient. I have just bought another single tap for my parents. Highly recommended!”

Kae Bear - Dentist

“Thank you, for the fantastic service and the lovely AHA Structured Water we now have throughout our home. The portable device is great for making up my homoeopathic, and I believe everyone should be drinking it.”

Kim Thomas - Nutritional Medicine

“This structured water, I like to call it ” AWAKENED WATER”, is the wettest and silkiest water I’ve ever tasted. The saliva in my mouth is now always wetter. This water has many obvious positive effects on my health. I recommend it to anyone!”

Rebecca Yazmyon - Activist / Model

“I liked the water when I tried it – there was something fresh – like a spring feeling – to it. We love drinking water. It was worth the extra investment to do a whole house system. Our daughters are happy, and everyone drinks plenty.”

Michael Bartura - Business/Life Coach

“Thank you for introducing me to the Vortex Structured Water products. I love how much easier it is to drink water and how much quicker it seems to be absorbed from my stomach. The difference is amazing!”

Chris Bunney - Sleep Scientist

“The water has helped bring my skin issues with yeast under control. It has just been phenomenal. Having my skin exposed to structured water in the shower and ingesting structured water daily has made all the difference!”

Amrit Sandhu - Engineer

“We initially noticed the quality and taste of the water were different. I was no longer bloating through the water. I used to when I tried to get 3 to 4 litters into me. I recommend this structured water product!”

Steven Sarantis - AFL Merchandiser

“I can feel the difference of structured water instantly. It is so smooth and gives me peace of mind that I am consuming water that is truly hydrating and neutralised of toxins. My portable unit is the first thing I pack when leaving my house.”

Megan Wright - Social Entrepreneur

“Overall, we are very happy and notice a difference in taste. We did a blind test, the four of us (two kids), kitchen water and untreated bathroom water. We all picked the restructured water to taste finer and smoother.”

Barbra Noh - Yoga Teacher

“I decided to get a whole house unit fitted so all the family could benefit. I’ve been very happy with that decision, and we all immediately noticed a significant improvement in the taste and quality of the water; a real recommendation.”

Sophie Marotta – Consultant

“I bought the portable water conditioner so I could be sure I was drinking quality water with no nasties wherever I am. It is vital to my health. The taste is beautiful, smooth and pure, and I love it and highly recommend it”

Ruth Fenby - Accountant

“I found that when I was showering, my skin would dry up, and I would get these red rashes that are due to the fluoride and toxins in the water, and now you know my skin is completely natural, so I recommend a whole house system.”

Kelvin Durcan - Director

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